Spiderweb Software - This is the official site of the creators of Blades of Exile. Here you can download the old demo version along with some new scenarios and stuff. The BoE scenario list here though has not been updated for a long time though.

Spiderweb Software Forums - This is the official forum for Spiderweb Software and their games. You can join and discuss anything about them here. The Comprehensive Scenario Rankings are here too, where you can review scenarios for BoE and BoA after you play them.

OpenExile By Chokboys - This is where you can download the open source full version of Blades of Exile. If you still haven't played BoE yet, get going and download it.

Truesite for Blades - This site is a godsend! It contains walkthroughs for almost every BoE or BoA scenario out there, plus other useful things like maps. You can also download new scenarios here. It is also home of Pixle Profusion, which is the best BoE Custom Graphics archive out there in my opinion. The site is maintained by Jewels.

Harehunter's Haven - A really great site featuring maps and walkthroughs for the Exile and Avernum series. Also available is Harehunter's version of the BoE scenario editor with new features.

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