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1/2/2014 - Yikes! A year and a half without updates! That's crazy! Anyway, I had to fix some stuff on the site because there were apparently a few problems. It's no problem though, things should be just fine now. This time, I uploaded Erika's Tower for real. One of these days I'm going to make the site look nicer with some graphics and stuff. Stay online!

6/10/2012 - I updated my scenario's Readme files with my site's new URL. Also, I uploaded my third BoE Utility Scenario, Erika's Tower. It seemingly vanished during the site move.

5/26/2012 - I decided to delete my previous Blades of Exile site for personal reasons. This is my official new BoE fan site. Excuse the blandness of the site currently. I'll hopefully be able to spruce it up soon. I have uploaded my previously released BoE scenarios plus my utility scenarios. As for upcoming scenarios, I have a few I might start working on. (Not at the same time though.) I've also put up all my Exile stories. I hope you enjoy them.

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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my site, Exile Stories, Blades of Exile scenarios, or would like me to link to your site, please contact me at: smgamer240 (at)